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When Was the Last Time You Felt
This Good?
Bowen Therapy is full body reflexing.

Alternative Health Options uses the LSA System as our primary interface between you and the modalities available at the clinic.

The Vo-Cal 360 records your voice pattern and plots it in a visual graph called a voice map. This shows areas of stress and compensation


Alternative Health Options provides naturopathic and preventative health services to clients from all over the world. Since 1990, Dr. Gene Hummel and his staff have provided multiple modalities to provide balance to your body through safe and natural methods, including Bowen Therapy, Limbic Stress
Analysis and Vo-Cal 360. Let Alternative Health Options start you on the path to wellness today. A balanced body provides total wellness.

Our new Therapies!

Pregnancy Solutions


If you and your spouse, or a couple you know, are unable to conceive, a non-invasive, totally drug and hormone free option is now available.
Bill, our Chief Nutritional Consultant, is still amazed. Three couples underwent our state of the art nutritional balancing program for problems other than conception and all three women became pregnant and subsequently delivered healthy babies!“They may have mentioned in passing that they wanted children and were having trouble conceiving but they came to me for more pressing physical issues and that’s where I focused my attention. Only later, while reviewing my files, did I discover this exciting possibility of helping couples conceive through nutritional balancing.” …….More information


Improve Your Golf Game


An exciting, unique training program called Sports Performance: The Mental Dimension is a new approach to conquering the MENTAL side of your game, acknowledged by golf pros as the hardest part of their game to master. click for more information





For your benefit, we combine a number of approaches to health. This creates a synergy that makes your experience more efficient and more enjoyable.

These modalities include:

The L S A System – limbic stress assessment.
The Vo-Cal 360 – voice analysis and remapping.
Bowen Therapy
PH balancing via urine and saliva assessment
Chaotic energy balancing (a form of biofeedback)
Hair analysis and an in-depth wellness questionnaire.
Dietary supplementation: using a combination of
homeopathic solutions, quality vitamins, minerals,
enzymes, herbs (Chinese and American) essential oils.
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