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Born and raised in a fairy tale valley known as Shagri-La in the Himalayan, the Hindukush and Karakoram Mountain ranges, natural remedies were the only options available to us. In the absence of modern medical care, plants were the only saviors for all of our maladies.

Cut off from the modern world, our ancestors relied heavily on natural medicine.  No yearly check-ups, no blood-pressure checking equipment, no x-ray machines - How they were still known for their longevity? The answer is simple! They relied upon nature. They embraced what nature gave them in those lush green mountains - the glacial water, the organic fruits and vegetables, and the zero-chemical herbs surrounding them.

Headaches – no problem… just made a hot cup of tea with black pepper, milk, and a little salt; it might sound funny but our headaches were gone. We discovered remarkable natural solutions for pretty much any ailment within our lush green valleys and snow-peaked mountains.

The idea of this platform is to take us back to nature.  Explore and share the ancient approaches to health and well-being.  We would love to hear what your experiences are when it comes to the options of natural health remedies.


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