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13 November 2023

The Alexander Technique

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Over a century ago, F. Matthias Alexander, an Australian actor developed The Alexander Technique which is part of what is known as Alternative Complementary Medicine, a body of treatment options that are outside of traditional medical care.  His discovery of this technique can transform the way we use our bodies and minds.

The Alexander Technique is an approach to mindfulness that focuses on improving your posture and the strength of the muscles that support your spine. The practice reinforces the best use of your neck muscles and spine, ensuring the natural, proper, and efficient alignment of your body.


Benefits of the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique can deliver multiple long-term benefits by helping us transform the way we live and manage our daily lives. It is an excellent way to feel better and move through the world in a more natural and relaxed way.   It is done through the process of learning to stop the unnecessary tension and stress that we put on our bodies.

The technique teaches us how to use our body in harmony, therefore, reducing the effort needed for simple actions. This results in increasing our energy levels, decreasing pain, and improving our overall well-being.


Four Concepts of Good Use of Alexander’s Technique

His theory motivates us to be mindful of our body’s responses and movements in the world in contrast to moving and responding habitually.

Here are four components of good posture that Alexander identified to help us make amazing changes in our bodies:

  • Let our neck be free so that our head is far enough away from the spine.

  • Allow the torso to lengthen and fan into it
  • Permit legs to release away from the hip joint
  • Allow shoulders to release out to the side and float on the rib cage

Following these steps will enable us to move in a way that is directional, and this will have a significant impact on our entire body.


Alexander Technique Training

During our initial days in the Alexander technique training program, the trainer observes how we move about in our daily lives; how we stand, sit, and walk. And how we use our joints, neck, and spine to complete each of these activities.

The training is conducted by certified trainers and is usually conducted one-on-one.  It is recommended to take classes two or three times per week as long as necessary.


Benefits of Alexander Technique Training

The benefits of Alexander Technique training are enormous and can impact our lives positively.  Some of the positive effects of the training include:

Better Motion

It is easy to forget that our posture plays a crucial role in the way we move in the world.  Poor posture can slow us down and create a great deal of pain.  It also affects our stamina to perform daily activities because of the poor posture. The training helps us improve our movement, feel lighter, and be more confident and mindful of our coordination, balance, and stability.  A more upright and balanced posture instills confidence and vitality in one’s life.

Pain Management

Many people experience relief from back and neck pain by following the training of the Alexander Technique.  Studies demonstrate that with consistent practice of the Alexander Technique, people’s pain levels have decreased and the overall cost of their care has been lowered dramatically compared to those who have not practiced this method.

Improvement in Muscle Function

According to Anxiety.org studies show that consistent practice of the Alexander Technique improves muscle tone, thickness, elasticity, and the ability to contract. It is particularly helpful to individuals who experience issues with their posture or have episodic neck and back pain.

Enhanced PerformanceAlexander-Technique

Athletes, musicians, and performers often find that the technique improves their performance by allowing them to move with greater ease and precision.

Stress Reduction

The technique helps manage our stress by fostering relaxation and a sense of calm.

Improved Breathing

Breathing becomes more natural and efficient, benefiting not only our physical health but also our mental clarity.

Enhanced Self-Awareness

The Alexander Technique training encourages mindfulness and self-awareness, making us more in tune with our body and how it responds to various situations.

Chronic Conditions

The Alexander Technique can be a complementary and supportive therapy for conditions like Parkinson’s disease, asthma, and inflammatory bowel disease. Enhancing posture and muscle activity helps people navigate the complexities of such conditions. When the Alexander Technique is accompanied by other forms of relaxation therapy, such as biofeedback, meditation, and hypnosis, patients have lowered their blood pressure and controlled their breathing patterns.

Final Thoughts

In a world, where we are glued to the computers or rush from one task to the next most of our days, the Alexander Technique provides a welcome relief.  It’s a path to lovely posture, pain relief, and a more graceful way of moving through our lives.

Are you ready to transform your relationship with your body and unlock the secret to better posture and movement?  Consider giving Alexander Technique training a try. Your body will thank you!


Disclaimer: This publication is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Medical advice should always be obtained from a qualified medical professional for any health conditions or symptoms associated with them. Every possible effort has been made in preparing and researching this material. We make no warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability of its contents or any omissions.

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